Be A Guest Author at Millennials for Jesus Christ!

be a guest author!

be a guest author!

Do you love to challenge and encourage Christians with your writing? Do you love to review books authored by Christians? Do you want to reach millennial believers, or Christians in general? If you’d answer “Yes!” to any of those questions, then you’re invited to be a guest author here at Millennials for Jesus Christ!

If interested, please contact us using the form further down.

We request this in order to prevent any conflict in the event that we’re intending to prepare or already are preparing a similar article in light of what you wish to write about.

Please provide your email address, website address (if you own one), the book or topic you desire to write about for us, and any other information you think would be helpful and/or relevant. We will respond as soon as we can with comments, questions, and/or further instruction. Also note that your material will be thoroughly reviewed for coherence, flow of thought, tone, theological accuracy, etc., before it is published.

Consider this list of items as a guide for your writing:

  1. Prepare your article in MS Word
  2. Think of a creative title
  3. Aim to have no more than 2000 words (500-1500 is the typical range)
  4. Check your spelling and grammar
  5. Ask at least one person to review your work
  6. Choose or make a banner image if your article is topical (view any recent MFJC topical article for reference)
  7. Submit a blog-appropriate picture of yourself and personal bio
  8. Understand that we request your article to be exclusive to MFJC

We look forward to working with you for the glory of God in Christ Jesus!

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