About Millennials for Jesus Christ

Justin & ChristineGreetings!

A Note from Justin: You may have noticed a drought around here in terms of new content. The most recent article was published in February 2015. There is a reason for that. A significant chunk of my free time since summer 2014 has been gobbled up by the training I’ve undergone to make a career change. I will be a full stack web developer very soon as of writing this (January 2016). That is relevant to Millennials for Jesus Christ because I intend to completely overhaul this project. I’m not only going to re-build it from scratch, but re-brand as well. MFJC technically won’t cease to exist, but I strongly desire to change the mission of my blogging about spiritual matters, and also some of how I communicate such thoughts. Long story short: things are going to be very different when all is said and done. I hope to accomplish this before 2016 ends, and pray that you’ll look forward to it as I am. Thank you for your support and prayers during this time of transition.

I’m Justin Joseph (30), a resident of Columbus, OH, and founder of Millennials for Jesus Christ. This community exists to provide a rallying platform of sorts for my generation (Millennials/Gen Y) of Christians. God gave me the burden to encourage and challenge such believers to commit their lives to Jesus Christ, and live according to the clear teachings of God’s Word. And make no mistake: I need the truths and reminders in what is published here just as much as you do. What you’ll specifically read around here is intended to tackle spiritual subjects that particularly interest millennials. That’s why you’ll encounter articles on topics such as entertainment, the social aspects of church, and the obligation to fight our world’s immoral temptations tooth and nail. Not a millennial? That’s OK! Our content really applies to all walks of life.

While the meat of our writing is topical articles, we also provide book reviews and mini-Bible studies. We encourage you to ponder deeply what is shared in whatever you choose to read, and to share your own reactions! If you’re encouraged by something you read, please comment! If something you read is discouraging, please share why! If there’s additional information or personal testimony you could offer, please do so! The more eternally-productive discussion we have here, the better. Christians ought always to stir one another up to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24).

As for “normal” life, yours truly is currently an automation developer by trade during the day. Yet I’m also learning web development and seeking to transition into a career which calls for such skills. I’m husband to precious Christine. I’m an assistant teacher for the Junior High Sunday School class of Westerville Bible Church, where I am a member. I also participate in the choir and special music ministries.

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