One Year Later…

Today marks a full year of existence for the Millennials for Jesus Christ blog. Justin has some thoughts to share for the occasion.

one year later

I started Millennials for Jesus Christ one year ago today. It began as a blog ( that technically no longer exists. (It auto-forwards to this self-hosted blog.) I started the MFJC project because I wanted to use the writing talents that I think God has given me to reach millennial Christians, and Christians at large, in spiritually impactful ways. I’m sure I’ve succeeded and failed to accomplish this goal. I hope in year two that I grow in what I’ve done well, and improve upon what I’ve not done so well.

I’m also not about to offer a dissertation of reflections about the past 12 months, however, but I did want to thank each of you who reads content on this blog, our Facebook page, and Twitter feed, regardless of the frequency, for your support

I hope that the currently small, but growing library of book reviews has aided you in purchasing decisions or recommendations. I hope that the many articles which highlight the grave problem of immorality in the church have challenged you to be more obedient to Christ. And I hope that the articles which focus on serving one another in the various capacities that I’ve covered have encouraged you to reach out to your brothers and sisters. Of course other content exists, and I hope that it has provided benefit as well.

I should also clarify something that I perhaps have never made clear. I especially publish what I do because I need these “sermons” for my own life. I’m not here to preach as though only you, the reader, have need of change. Truly I need to hear the content of the messages I write before anyone else. I merely share my messages in the hopes that other believers who struggle similarly can lock arms with me in the difficult, daily war against our innate sinfulness. I have chosen to not fear exposing the realities of my life because the church desperately needs more transparency. I seriously hope I never come across as “having arrived” about any particular issue(s) I write about. If I do, please contact me. There is no room for pride of author on this blog.

Lord-willing, there is plenty more to come. According to my Notepad log, I have over 30 concepts in the slow-cooker. While I can no longer predict how regularly I will publish content (I still want to aim for twice a month or so), that’s not really important. What’s important is that I publish content for the right reasons (to encourage you and glorify God), that the content is carefully put together, that the content is biblical, and that I don’t write and publish to the neglect of things more important (e.g. my wife and home).

It has been a lot of fun and a joy thus far to serve you in this way. I look forward to seeing how God will allow the content and community for Millennials for Jesus Christ to continue to grow.

Thank you!

Has the content of this blog been a blessing to you? How so? What could be improved? Please don’t be shy!

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Justin Joseph

Automation Developer at Innovis
Justin, test automation developer by day, self-training web developer by night, is a millennial disciple of Jesus Christ who seeks to challenge and encourage other millennial Christians through writing. Justin is also husband to Christine, and a member of Westerville Bible Church where he serves in the music and Sunday School ministries. You can learn more about Justin, the blog, and community, on the Millennials for Jesus Christ "About" page.
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