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Christians cling to their comfort zones. Yet in order to increasingly bless others, they must be willing to step outside those zones. Are you?


“I’ll never do that.” How many times have you thought/said that to yourself or someone else in your lifetime? And how many times have you looked back only to acknowledge, “OK, apparently I would do that.”? We humans are fascinating. We cling tightly to our neat little comfort zones without considering much that God assures He will change us to be more like Jesus Christ, and to do more as Him. This requires being nudged ever so gently, sometimes almost forcibly, outside of our neat little comfort zones. And in spite of this inevitability, we want to insist that our ways and general plan for life are rock-solid. After all, trying something new or different requires thought, effort, and time. We can’t have that!

What a silly attitude, since the Bible guarantees that God is working in all of us on an individual basis. That means we won’t stay the way we are, and involves doing a lot of things we convinced ourselves we never would.

I was convinced, and used to claim and think that I would never sing in a church choir, sing alone from behind a pulpit, confess my sin to everyone present at a service, help teach a junior high Sunday School class, and a litany of other things. Yet I’ve done all those things now, and then some. It isn’t my intent to boast; I simply wish to emphasize that God always has unavoidable plans for us usually much different than what we believe are set in stone. To date, I’ve participated in my church’s choir for three seasons, sung several solos for my brothers’ and sisters’ edification, confessed my sin publicly a few times to let everyone know how I needed to be bathed in prayer, and helped teach our junior high Sunday School for almost three years. This is how God has been using me.

And I want to encourage you to re-examine your reasons and motives when saying/thinking “I’ll never __________.” (fill in the blank) because you may be missing out on many spiritual blessings. You also may be robbing others of the blessing of your service, and God of His glory for refusing to be used. I suggest these possibilities based on my own experience. If you stubbornly refuse to budge from your comfort zones, you won’t bless others as much. That’s just the way it is. A child of God who does next to nothing to serve the body of Christ is like a race car that never touches a track—a wasted opportunity. God compels those whom He has saved to live not for themselves, but for Jesus Christ (II Corinthians 5:16–18). Let me plead with you: do not quench the Spirit by choosing to disobey the clear commands of Scripture that pertain to service. If you desire to glorify God, to have a servant’s heart like Jesus, and to bless others with it…then never say never.

Fear not! Above all else, Christ is with you! Try something new, and be a blessing to someone, and your church!

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Justin Joseph

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Justin, test automation developer by day, self-training web developer by night, is a millennial disciple of Jesus Christ who seeks to challenge and encourage other millennial Christians through writing. Justin is also husband to Christine, and a member of Westerville Bible Church where he serves in the music and Sunday School ministries. You can learn more about Justin, the blog, and community, on the Millennials for Jesus Christ "About" page.
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