Book Review: Will Our Generation Speak?

Will Our Generation Speak? by Grace Mally

In “Will Our Generation Speak?”, Grace Mally lovingly nudges Christians to boldly share the gospel, and wisely challenges the usual excuses for avoiding it.

Despite the clear [younger] target audience of Grace Mally’s excellent book about the subject of sharing the gospel, Will Our Generation Speak?, she might as well have named it Will Christians Speak?. It doesn’t matter if you’re a millennial or not. It doesn’t matter if you’re saved and you’ve never shared the gospel, or you’re saved and have shared the gospel a thousand times. It doesn’t even matter where you are in your personal walk with Jesus Christ. You need to read Will Our Generation Speak? to be abundantly challenged to proclaim our great God and King far more, and a lot more effectively.

Likely a result of my admittedly underwhelming gospel witness, each chapter had me mentally scratching my head in utter disbelief and sheer amazement as I came across one account after another of Grace revisiting a time when she shared the gospel by herself or with other believers. And knowing Grace wasn’t about to describe every last conversation she’s engaged in blew me away even further. I’m necessarily embarrassed by it all, knowing how little I’ve talked to people about the Lord Jesus Christ, and how many opportunities I’ve wasted. Her example of obedience to the Great Commission rebukes me to the uttermost, and I rejoice how God has used someone like Grace to reach lost souls. Chapter 2 alone has already encouraged me to be praying more that God would make me a fisher of men! I’m most curious how He will answer these prayers and use a pathetic sinner saved by grace such as I!

In general, Will Our Generation Speak? is filled with details of what the every day sharing of the gospel can look like, and it’s not complicated. It all starts with asking the Lord for opportunities, for help, and that He would guide you toward someone or a group of people. Yet every Christian comes up with excuses to avoid witnessing, and Grace nails a bunch of them. She also explains from God’s Word why our excuses are wrong…and how to overcome them. They really boil down to selfishness and unbelief. We are selfish not to share the desperately-needed news of the gospel. And we demonstrate that we don’t really believe what God says by being fearful and timid. It’s really nothing other than caring about ourselves (i.e. how we look, our “reputation”, etc.) more than we do about lost souls. In the grand scheme of the mission, even if people you witness to aren’t friendly (and Grace shares experiences along those very lines), that doesn’t mean you stop!

As far as the practical elements of witness, I would ultimately and unnecessarily write a short book mentioning all of what Grace describes throughout WOGS?. But one concept you can’t possibly miss while reading is her use of gospel tracts. Grace is wise to say that tracts are great tools and conversation starters. I agree, as do many others, and need to use them more often and more passionately.

The fact is that if Christians are to witness well, we must be confident in the truths of God’s Word. We must be confident in God’s promises to be with us when we witness, and in His promises to work through us despite our weaknesses and personal quirks. Perhaps above all, we need to combat the deceitfulness of our own hearts and minds with God’s Word! Grace couldn’t have said it any better; when we avoid a witnessing opportunity, that means we’ve likely believed a lie either of our own, or of Satan’s.

In the end, every believer should want to tell others of Christ because they love Christ and want to share His transforming love. In the end, how our audiences react just doesn’t matter, as long as we’ve done our best to be gracious. In the end, God wants faithful messengers of His truth, not sheepish hoarders of the most precious gift ever offered. Fellow millennial disciples of Jesus Christ, the statistics of sharing the gospel are not on our side. I don’t say that to provoke you into guilt or shame-driven witnessing. I just want to join Grace and the many she’s accompanied in going to the nations, and I want you to do the same! Read Will Our Generation Speak?, and let our [millennial] generation be known for having spoken.

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It’s a simple question: will our generation speak? I know I struggle to do so. I’m also regularly amazed by what Grace continues to share on her personal blog, which you can find here. I encourage you to encourage her!

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