He Is Risen!!

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No other religion or “faith system” has a risen Savior. That distinction belongs only to Jesus Christ, Whom believers everywhere will worship this Sunday!


Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been fondly remembering He Is Risen (Brigette Shevy), a praise anthem that my church’s choir has had the joy and privilege of singing a couple times in the past few years on Easter (Resurrection) Sunday. It’s a shame that I’ve been unsuccessful locating a recording of it, because I think it would overwhelm your heart to hear it. But alas, the lyrics (below) will have to suffice. That’s OK though; just reading the powerful words causes me to well up. They encapsulate well the precious fact that as Christians, we only have a risen Savior!! Be blessed to remember and meditate on this on April 20, 2014!

The day dawned dark and heavy
On that first day of the week,
The mourners were bewildered,
Overwhelmed, and torn by grief.

All their hopes had come to nothing,
All their dreams were crushed and gone.
They had thought He was the promised King.
How could they have been so wrong?

So many questions pierced their souls
As they neared the tomb that day.
But their grief soon turned to wonder
When they heard the angel say

He is risen! He is not dead
He is risen just as He said.
Death could not keep Him,
Tell all who seek Him,
He is risen! He is not here!

In a world that’s dark and heavy
There are people who still seek,
Their hearts are still bewildered,
Confused, and torn by grief.

All their hopes have come to nothing,
All their dreams are crushed and gone.
They have not met the risen Lord,
And they wonder what’s gone wrong.

So many questions pierce their souls
And they search to find the truth.
Will you lead them to the empty tomb?
Will you share with them the news?

He is risen! He is not dead
He is risen just as He said.
Death could not keep Him,
Tell all who seek Him,
He is risen from the dead!

Our hope is in the risen Savior! And our hope will not be put to shame!

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